Operation Gita

Cyclone Gita - Kingdom of Tonga - Category 4/5 - Tuesday 13th of February 2018 - 530am… Devastation

You have an opportunity to help our Shugyo Family and the wider Community in Tonga right now by providing much needed funding to Shugyo HQ’s Operation Gita.

This Project will see much needed funding support so we can literally assist with a clean-up effort helping the community rebuild and secure much needed supplies.  We will put BOOTS ON THE GROUND ASAP if we can secure enough funding to do so with a hand picked team by Shugyo HQ.

Power will be out, people will be in darkness for many nights to come.  No refrigeration, no running water and appalling sanitary conditions will lead to outbreaks of mosquitos.  Some people will not have a roof over them.

What can you do?

  1. Donate so we have the funds to make a difference.

  2. Send Shugyo HQ an email now if you are prepared to depart at short notice in a self funded capacity to join the Operation Gita Team

  3. Contact us if you have access to military style ration packs, sanitary packs or distribution networks that we can utilise

  4. SHARE the message that has been posted on Shugyo HQ Facebook page with your friends and families to help raise money (or click here)

Thank you for reading this and stay tuned to the Social Media feeds for progress updates as we do what we can.

Malo aupito,

Chief Instructor Rory


Please include "Tonga" and your full name in the reference. Thank you!

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