The s-plate represents Shugyo (kids know us as the Secret Ninja School). You may have seen an s-plate on a car in front of you. People who have the s-plate on their car proudly represent a community of people who train together to improve their fitness – both physically and mentally.

The S-Plate represents Shugyo. An organisation working to create leaders in our community.

We teach taekwondo and brazilian jiu jitsu in safe environments that encourage growth at your own pace. The classes will improve your fitness by building functional fitness in your joints, working towards injury proofing your body. We work on mobility using skills that increase your range of motion.

Shugyo is not a competitive school. We are an organisation that encourages growth in the individual, while that same individual helps their class mate to grow.

One of our students, Karen, summed up a large part of the Shugyo experience in two lines:

“I don’t train so I can defend myself. I train so I can feel like someone worth defending.”

If you’re keen to know more, please head to our home page to read more or follow this link to book a free trial.

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