Ginger Ninja Trickster – Australia Seminar

GNT is coming to Sydney in January! Don’t miss this chance to level up your kicking game.

Ginger Ninja Trickster of YouTube fame is coming to Sydney for his first Australian seminar in January. 30 tickets are available for the 3-hour seminar, which will cover advanced kicking techniques, and offer drills to build your understanding of stunt kicking. RSVP now to be eligible to purchase a ticket when they become available on October 21st. 
Warm regards, Keiran Deck.


Date: January 13th, 2020
Pre-sale: October 21st.
Spaces: 30
Location: Falsegrip, Brookvale NSW

Available to taekwondo blue belts and above. Must be minimum 16 yearsof age. if under 16, must have a brown belt or black belt equivalent. 

1.2 million subscribers on YouTube. A stuntman for Hollywood blockbusters including Kingsman: the Golden Circle. GNT (aka Aaron Gassor) is an elite taekwondo practitioner (3rd degree), famous for his unique fusion between ITF-style kicks, parkour and gymnastics. In addition to being a top drawer practitioner, Aaron is a great teacher and is wanted around the world for his seminars. Don’t miss out on his first ever seminar in Sydney.

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