Meaning: "Forge the Spirit - achieve your best mind and body"

Shugyo is an international martial arts, sports and fitness organisation. We are approved by the NSW Government Office of Sport as an Active Kids rebate provider. Classes are available for students of all ages and abilities. We have branches in many regions including: Sydney, Wollongong, NSW South Coast, Canberra, New Zealand and Tonga. Shugyo offers Taekwondo; a syllabus that also includes practical self defence skills and tactics adapted from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Law Enforcement principles. Shugyo is affiliated with Roots BJJ, offering beginner BJJ classes at some locations.  The purpose of Shugyo is to bring people together in a community that encourages positive life choices surrounding health, fitness, friendship and family. People who join Shugyo will find technical challenges in taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, supported by a strong network of like-minded instructors. Shugyo provides opportunities to train outside the gym, interstate and overseas, bringing with it life changing experiences. You will learn from other cultures and meet people outside your regular circles. We believe that hard physical training, intellectual challenge, a strong family atmosphere and some spiritual lessons can help people live more fulfilling lives. That’s our goal for you and nothing less. Shugyo, founded in 2010, started with a vision for a place to train strong martial artists and people. The group of instructors who helped in the beginning, wanted to plug the gaps in the traditional taekwondo syllabus.
Traditional Martial Arts offer a lot to an individual, from strength and fitness to moral and spiritual teachings. Unfortunately they fail to keep up with modern tactics required for practical defence of yourself in a real attack. For example, taekwondo practitioners struggle to find an answer in their syllabus to the questions: how do you defend yourself if the fight goes to the ground? Just as importantly, the founder Rory wanted to provide a space for people who felt the need to stretch new boundaries in their physical and mental limits. So the term Shugyo (a Japanese term, meaning austere training) is an accurate and deep representation of the values the instructors want to practice.
We also have ‘Fighting Fit’ - fitness only sessions with no traditions, just great workouts that have been adapted from basic kicking, punching and martial arts conditioning techniques.
Our Secret Little Ninja Warrior School is just for kids with martial arts related skill building, fun, games and developmental syllabus that will see your kids learn to defend themselves with a huge smile on their face!
Many other opportunities and programs also exist within Shugyo so please contact us if you have further questions.