GRADING and Assessments

(Development Sessions)

Assessment of skill is an important part of Martial Arts to understand where your abilities are in relation to others in your team and people from other organisations.  We normally hold DEVELOPMENT SESSIONS / DAYS where you can come and learn in a seminar type environment and possibly be promoted if your demonstrations and knowledge meet the required level. This may be a belt tip/stripe or a full coloured belt promotion!

Taekwondo students have the opportunity, once approximately every three months, to attempt the next level. The syllabus is constantly referred to at training and will be the basis of your assessment come grading time. You will need to ensure you understand and can demonstrate everything at your level before you’re able to pass.

Taekwondo Grading is conducted by Examiners who, under traditional ITF rules, must be 4th Dan or above. In most cases, an examiner will travel to your region from interstate to conduct the grading.

BJJ Gradings for coloured belts are conducted by Roots BJJ Professors who will normally deliver a seminar and then assess applicants put forward by the Shugyo BJJ Coach.  Stripe / Tip promotions are done by Coaches as they see actual skills demonstrated to a suitable level during class time.

Like a test at school, assessment can be stressful, but the Shugyo coaches will do everything they can to provide a supportive atmosphere. Your instructor will work closely with you leading up to, and on grading day, to ensure you’re as ready as possible.

Some students will take longer than others to progress through the ranks. On this it must be noted that grading is NOT a competition, but an opportunity for your individual efforts to be rewarded. The focus at Shugyo is on personal improvement. Promotion is a reward for your effort, not an expectation.

All taekwondo members are expected to attend Development Sessions / Gradings and treat it like a training session. We want you to feel supported if you’re attempting grading, and we would like you to support others if you’re not. We are a team and your Regions Development Session is your ‘Game Day’.

Sometimes your Coach or Instructor may promote you in-class up another tip level (up to 4 per belt rank) to recognise your improvement. This is to show you that we are always tracking your skills!

Parents and family members are encouraged to come along to each Development Session to see their loved-ones progress. Photos and video are allowed and encouraged only on these days.