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Leading Team:
Woonona Werewolves (Woonona PS Dojang)

Leading Team Captain:
Dana Behan

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Dana Behan
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SHUGYO is the most innovative martial arts, fitness and self defence organisation in the world!

ALL new membership enquiries please ph: 0416079877 (within Australia) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Shugyo runs regular classes like other martial arts schools, has fitness only sessions which require no experience, and invites senior members from any martial art school to attend the ancient traditions in our Guild of Tacticians. The Guild is where we share knowledge and condition the body using ancient Ways.

We recognise black belts and Instructor experience from a variety of martial arts and offer bridging programs, while maintaining you Core skills so they may be passed on.

Shugyo has also a range of services including school sports programs (private and public schools),  after school activities (AASC Sports Commission), corporate training (1 day self defence packages) and the Immersion program.  Please browse through our website for further information.

Our online members area is second to none, with amazing interactiveness for learning, sponsoring new members, earning points and being rewarded for your hard work.  We are the first organisation to make Martial Arts a team sport on-line!



Shugyo is a revolutionary Organisation of like minded people who seek to regularly expand their knowledge of martial arts, fighting skills and close quarter tactics utilising both modern and ancient conditioning methods. Within the Tacticians Guild you are encouraged to maintain your Parent Art membership and wear your Parent Art Gi (uniform) with pride to your local Shugyo Guild.

If you are a member of our regular Traditional Martial Arts classes you will progress through our Grading system to become a very capable Black Belt, capable of improvisation, ground control, dynamic kicks and sound judgment. Our oldest member is 80 years old and our youngest 'Cubs' are 2 years old!


If you come from a martial art, combative sport, (like boxing or wrestling), or if you are a frontline member of the ADF or Police, you may also apply to join The Guild of Tacticians, for you have close quarter skills and tactics which are practical and part of the broader principles of self defence.

This pool of knowledge, combined with intensive pressure testing allows Shugyo to lead the way and provide cutting edge training.  The Guild is where Best Practice is defined.



As a member of Traditional Martial Arts you will be constantly challenged by our syllabus.  We will ensure that you are truly ready before proceeding for assessment.  The integrated fitness standards start at a very basic level gradually building you up to be fighting fit by Black Belt.

If you wish to compete then you may become an Athlete and enter bouts, both within our organisation and externally. Higher standards are required of our Athletes and Tacticians than general members.  Athletes can train for MMA, Point Sparring or grappling only competition.

If you become a Tactician you may take turns at sharing Parent Art knowledge within the Guild.  You will be introduced to Shugyo Reflex training...An ancient and andrenalised form of conditioning which will prepare you for any situation.
Tacticians are the pinnacle of practical capability, be it edged or impact weapon defence, improvisation, multiple attackers or sheer determination you will not find a more formidable all-round modern warrior. Needless to say, to join the Tacticians Guild you must be 18+.