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Integrate the Way

Do you need to re-invigorate your martial arts class or school?

Are modern training methods and other MMA schools luring your members away?

BRING THEM BACK to your school!

Shugyo is an organisation which wants to help other martial arts schools create new developement programs for their members.  We come to you to run seminars on defensive tactics or fitness conditioning depending on what you wish to bring to your members.

Every Art has it's version of self defence, but Defensive Tactics are an industry standard and easily assessable - once you have the Shugyo DT's package complimenting your traditional Art syllabus. 

Defensive Tactics Package - Practical Escapes and Survival Syllabus

Many schools have difficulty initiating an assessment based system for real, practical self defence techniques.  Defensive tactics is a term used within military and law enforcement for techniques which are pressure tested and deemed to be an industry standard for assisting a person to survive a range of attacks and circumstances, including ground based defence, weapon defence and multiple attackers.

Adding this package to your school or Art is easier than you think and will be assisted by Shugyo Founder Rory Marama.  You will be supported with a initial roll-out of skills, reference material and a range of video links. His long history as a law enforcement defensive tactics instructor, and holding an Advanced Diploma in Public Safety, he will ensure you cover the holistic approach to self defence.

This is an add-on package to your traditional Art that respectfully allows you to move with the times and foster a culture of new skill development.

Fitness Conditioning Package - Includes incremental developement tool and Benchmarking System

There are many reasons to develop fitness in your school including competition, self defence and healthy lifestyle.  With the fitness and conditioning package you will have a well tested system of incremental development based on exercises that are easy to do and measure ability.

Build a culture of continuous improvement and draw a line in the sand for Grading promotions, where you expect your black belts to be, from a fitness perspective.  Utilise the Benchmarking system supplied by you to run quarterly assessments which measure fitness, strength and flexibility.

Book in your school for a Fitness Benchmarking Seminar with Shugyo Founder Rory Marama.  He holds a Diploma of Sports Coaching specialising in Martial Arts and fitness conditioning, and will bring out the best in your students.

Instructor / Black Belt - Bridging Program - For existing Black Belts wishing to join Shugyo

You can join a Bridging weekend and learn the techniques, culture and systems which are making Shugyo a leader in the Martial Arts category.  Your existing skills will be valued and a Bridging Black belt will be issued until the Shugyo key competentcies are acheived.  You may be recognised at your previous Dan / Degree level once competencies are fulfilled.  

Guild of Tacticians Package - Structure for hosting other martial artists in a respectful environment, with the unique white Belt Sleeve
© tradition.

Ask about our Web management tool for your school for tracking progress and rewarding members with a points system.