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Woonona Werewolves (Woonona PS Dojang)

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Dana Behan

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Dana Behan
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Benchmarking Assessments



  Personal Development

Physical prowess does not happen overnight.  Conditioning muscles, losing weight and developing flexability are processess that can take years. At Shugyo we understand that a new member may need to start right a the beginning!

Benchmarking is run approximately every 3 months so that all our members (including fitness-only members) can strive to beat their previously set benchmarks in activities such as the 'Beep Test', push ups, sit ups and squats. The only competition is yourself as members push themselves towards new goals.
For our Martial Arts members we have also intergrated certain fitness standards into their progression through our belt promotion (Grading) system.  Benchmarking provides an opportunity to be fitness tested prior to applying for Grading.  For our Fighting Fit members it is also a great chance to socialise with our Martial Arts members.

Other key statistics which are recorded for each individual are measurements such as weight, girth, flexability stretching distances and heart rates.