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Woonona Werewolves (Woonona PS Dojang)

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Dana Behan

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Dana Behan
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Principal Examiner

The position of Principal Examiner within Shugyo is decided by the Board of Instructors once every 5 years by majority vote and was established at the inception of Shugyo in December 2011.  There is only ever one Principal Examiner at any one time,  and this role is the most senior operational position within the Organisation. The functions of the Principal Examiner include being a Grading Assessor, Chairing the Board of Instructors, and decision making for day to day operations.

The name Taumoefolau in Tongan means, the ‘warrior who travels to war’, and it’s a name that has been passed down in Josh’s family for three hundred years. Keeping with this tradition, Josh spent a number of years training with the Australian Army reserves before choosing a vocation with a law enforcement agency. He commenced his martial training 30 years ago with a Judo style, then later the “Ch’ang Hon” style [traditional taekwondo developed by General Choi Hong Hi in 1955], which became thereafter his core art.

Over the next 25 years while continuing his training with Taekwondo, Josh also became a student of Kokusai Jujitsu, Ninjitsu Australia and studied with martial weapons of the Bo, Nunchaku, Bokken and Sai. In 2003, Josh adopted a mixture of Taekwondo and Jujitsu styles and opened his first martial art school in Tonga that incorporated both arts. In 2009 Josh became a Chief Instructor with another taekwondo organisation within Australia, continuing to share knowledge with his Tongan members.
Josh continues to manage Shugyo Tonga dojang from Australia and travels there twice a year in order to conduct gradings, provide special trainings and develop initiatives to reach out to the wider community. The Instructors in Tonga have supported local programs in the Tongan community such as ‘Women’s Leadership’ self defence, domestic violence awareness and youth initiatives.
Throughout his training over the years, Josh has applied the ancient training method of ‘shugyo’. This intensive training has always provided him with the ‘harnessing of warrior heart’ and the ‘sharpening of spirit’ in the martial way. For the first time in late 2010, with Shugyo Founder, Chief Instructor Rory Hogan, they’d created a four day intensive ‘Shugyo Tactician Immersion’ in  hope that the unique type of training for black belts of any Art, to provide a new way of training; a taste of the old ways and the continuation of their Budo.

Chief Instructor Josh is now Shugyo's Principal Examiner assessing Gradings to ensure only the highest standards are maintained. He also has developed the full Bo-jitsu (Bo staff) syllabus for Shugyo.
In August 2011, Chief Instructor Josh was inducted into the Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame and World Karate Union Hall of Fame for 2011 (AMAHOF).