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Kwan Jang Rory Marama
Founder of Shugyo (photo 2009)

Chief Instructor Rory (Chief Marama) began his martial journey over 25 years ago, studying Iaido, then joined his first Taekwondo class in 1989.

He has served in the Australian Army where he qualified as a sniper, then worked in security and other government agencies since 1995.  In 2007 he was certified as an OST law enforcement instructor. He also runs self defence programs, providing skills and advise to clients such as schools and other organisations.

He regularly travels and trains with leading Instructors in Sydney and Canberra. Rory is active in his local community providing AASC community coaching and has also provided school sports programs (both public and private schools) since 2009 combining martial arts, fitness, self defence and anti bullying strategies.

In 2011 he was inducted into the Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame and World Karate Union Hall of Fame for 2011 (AMAHOF) which he sees as a great honour, but more importantly he sees it as demonstrating his lifetime commitment to helping others achieve their best in Martial Arts.

Since 2011
 Rory travels regualrly to all Shugyo branches and also runs private martial arts sessions, personal training and fitness conditioning for selected clients and members at his studio. He also delivers seminars to other martial arts groups who wish to experience the dynamic nature of Shugyo. 

Since 2011 Rory has been studying both Kumdo (sword and meditation art) under a master from Sydney, and BJJ (grappling) under a leading instructor and Academy owner from Canberra.

In 2012 Rory completed an Advanced Diploma of Public Safety, which he has been able to take best practice principles from to employ a culture of professionalism and risk awareness within Shugyo.

In 2014 Rory completed a Diploma of Sports Coaching, enableing him to provide high end PT training, coaching and nutrition to his PT clients. Coaching strategies are integrated into the Shugyo Syllabus on all levels, from psychology to fitness.

As part of his holistic approach to Martial Arts, Rory is compiling a journal of poetry and philosophy he has written, much of which contemplates the challenging path of a Tactician.  The following is an excerpt from his notes: 


 As I look at myself in a mirror
And see a man that was once a boy
I wonder when time will consume me
As the raging fires razed Troy
You see all warriors keep two lives
And balancing both I approach my destiny
With fellowships forged the martial way
Softened by love of kinship from my family
But how significant could my life be?
I am neither the first nor the last
Merely a grain of sand
In some eternally flowing hour glass
Deep and long are my thoughts
On life and death and beyond
And short is my life I must understand
Like ripples that break the still of a pond
Sometimes I forget to look around
Seemingly working for what may be
Not realizing that all I’ve ever wanted
Is actually right before me
So every day I savor one moment
As if the day would be my last
Knowing that the simple things are enough
Taking my time, reflecting on the past
For the life I lead is blessed
Wherever I tread in places near and far
By all those whom with it I share
A shining moon enhanced by the stars
 Still on occasion my indomitable spirit wavers
As I journey alone I sometimes find
When will it come and how will it end?
Caught with uncertainty in my own mind
But then my peers come about me
Fellow warriors and masters it matters not
Our paths are intertwined
We stay together where others will not
With respect for our Brothers here and past
Side by side we warriors walk alone
And with honour we live both lives
Knowing others will follow once we are gone
So we must lead now for others to follow
And fight so that others might not
May we sweat more while there is peace
Then bleed less when war comes to stop
It is said that blood is thicker than water
And faith will bridge the rift
But sometimes when my kinship falters
Your fellowship gives me the gift...

Rory 14/5/1996
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