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Shugyo is a Way of training and conducting yourself.

The Japanese term “shugyo” is generally translated as “austere training,” and seems to originate with the training of the Samurai during the “Pax Tokugawa,” an unprecedented period of internal peace from the mid-1600’s through the mid-1800’s. The purpose of shugyo is to “forge the spirit,” remaking a practitioner’s character through hard physical and mental training. It is a way to go beyond the norm and discover new limits in the absence of real combat, thus keeping practitioners ultimately prepared.

'Musha shugyo' is a Samurai warrior's quest or pilgrimage. The concept is similar to Knight Errantry in feudal Europe. A warrior, called a shugyosha, would wander the land practicing and honing his skills without the protection of his family or school. Possible activities include training with other schools, dueling, performing bodyguard or mercenary work, and searching  for a Daimyo to serve. 

Many other cultures had their version of Shugyo for their warrior elite, but sadly ibut ,  n our modern world, the Shugyo Way is nearly lost.  Those who seek Shugyo are rare breed of dedicated people...