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Leading Team:
Woonona Werewolves (Woonona PS Dojang)

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Dana Behan

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Dana Behan
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Core Art


You will be Graded through a traditional Korean tae-kwondo process (ITF or WTF depending on your Branch) meeting all competencies as you progress from white belt to black belt and beyond.  For your enrolment (membership fee) you will recieve a uniform and your first calendar month of training free.  After that first month you will be able to pay month by month (training fees) and will be able to train at as many locations as you wish!

If you leave this Organisation to live overseas, or within Australia, where there are no Shugyo classes, you will be able integrate into any other ITF school (subject to their approval).  You will have the same skill sets and knowledge of patterns, plus the wide range of ground and weapon defence techniques taught within Shugyo.
Included in every membership is a Members Diary which has a guide to each level, the Grading requirements and competencies for future development streams.  Once you become a Senior Member options will become available to you including the following development Streams:

  • Enter a development program to become an Instructor
  • Become highly skilled in all forms of practical tactics as a Tactician
  • Build your dynamic techniques and fitness to become a competitive Athlete

Once qualified:
Instructors have the option of starting their own Branch; running school sports programs; and private tuition.
Tacticians can assist with Seminars; assist with tactical self defence programs; and attend the closed door training within a Guild
Athletes can compete in sparring, technical demonstrations or patterns.  Coaching will be made available to you and management of bouts if necessary. 

You can choose to do all these Streams of developement if you wish!

Note: Instructors cease to pay Training Fees once appointed as an Assistant Instructor and above.  This is in recognition of service and assistance rendered.