Branch Instructor Glenn Berridge

Wollongong Central Branch

Glenn had been involved in the martial arts off and on for over twenty years before opening a Shugyo branch in Wollongong. Growing up in a poor, rough neighbourhood he was drawn to the martial arts like many of my peers, to teach him how to fight. What he found was exactly the opposite. Martial arts taught him things he didn’t know, but needed as a young man. Focus, determination, discipline and self control. The more skilled fighting techniques he learned, the less he wanted to fight. The more sparring he did in the dojang the less fighting he did on the street or in the playground. Glenn was drawn to the power and gracefulness of the Taekwondo patterns and it is still one of the aspects of the arts that he enjoys the most. He also enjoys the study of weapons and is currently studying the Bo staff and Escrima sticks.

Also over the years he has trained in boxing, kickboxing, kung fu, and pencak silat, but his first martial art love is Taekwondo. His focus in the Shugyo organisation is working with younger people as he believe that the martial arts and the Shugyo concepts are a complete way of life and can help guide and focus a child – helping them develop into a strong valued member of their community. He also feels that it is now his turn to honour the Instructors that taught him, helping save his life from going in a very different direction. ‘That’s what Martial Arts does, it changes lives…”