Welcome to Secret Little Ninja Warrior School

The first key word here is FUN! Sessions for kids aged approximately 5-10 years old and they ideally already know their right and left. We give them an introduction to martial arts through games, Spatial awareness, coordination, balance and fitness. They will progress with proven skill sets and be able to transition to the General Classes over time.

***Update - see the new online, live streaming of Little Ninjas sessions by Regional Instructor Keiran HERE as a response to COVID-19***

Our second key word is RESPECT. They will learn to be disciplined in our traditional environment and understand what we expect in terms of appropriate behaviour. Standing in their little uniforms they will be proud and capable kids when they go about other aspects of their lives.

Activities can include:

  • Little Ninja Warrior obstacle courses to warm up
  • Sparring into pads and mats with an instructor
  • Learning how to defend themselves from bullies
  • Building confidence though demonstrating techniques over time
  • Games to build teamwork skills

Some Secret Little Ninja Warrior sessions are run directly after school finishes, so kids can finish their normal school day and begin training in their school hall! Please search our Regions to see if Little Ninja classes are available close to you or contact us here.