Shugyo Uniform TKD printed + offer!

$80.00 (plus GST)

Uniform will be delivered to, or waiting for you, at your local Shugyo branch!

Once you've purchased the item we'll send an email to the above recipient informing them of your gift!
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Ready for TKD training in our Shugyo Dobok uniform? If not – buy one now!

OFFER – If you as a Shugyo member buy this uniform for a family member who is not a member –  it will include their Registration as a new Shugyo member (normally $200)!! After you purchase this, simply upgrade your membership session package via this website to include how many sessions you would like them to attend (in addition) on a weekly basis.

Give one of your family members the gift of discovery for their birthday, Christmas, mothers day or other great event!

Uniform will be delivered to your local branch!