Welcome to Shugyo, Solomon Islands

Shugyo Solomon Islands is the newest of our Branches, lead by Instructor Dan who recently moved the the Islands on a professional assignment. With many years Instruction experience in the Kingdom of Tonga Instructor Dan will coach you and motivate you to be your best!  The group is already strong and has a great mix of adults and children of varying levels. Our Taekwondo is a traditional Korean ITF system and you will meet the wider Shugyo network on regular camps. Visiting teams will share the knowledge they have gained from other Shugyo Branches in New Zealand, Tonga and Australia. Come along to get fit, become flexible, learn self defence and meet a friendly group of people! Bring a friend and try out our FREE TRIAL CLASS!



Shugyo Solomon Islands

Heritage Park

BSP carpark


749 5266


Dan Henson


Monday and Wednesday 5.30-6.30pm