At Shugyo we encourage people to enter competitions if they wish to test their skills in a safe and friendly environment.  There are 2 types of tournaments you can enter; either ‘In-house’ which are run by Shugyo a various regional locations about 3 times per year, or ‘External’ which are events hosted by other organisations.

Our In-house competitions usually have the following categories:

  • Continuous contact point sparring (stand-up striking, blocking and fast paced movement)
  • Grappling in either Gi or No-gi for position dominance or submission
  • Breaking of boards using different techniques, such as kicks or strikes
  • Team based pre-choreographed skill demonstrations
  • Either freestyle or set individual Forms

To enter our In-house Competitions please check our Events Calendar for upcoming tournaments. Sometimes invitations may be sent to external schools or individuals to attend these Events on a case by case basis. Please contact us at Shugyo directly if you wish to participate in our events.



**NOTE** All competitors should provide their own safety equipment and it can be ordered above.  Extra costs may apply on the day to hire shared equipment.


A.F.B.J.J. website – BJJ Tournaments held in various states.  Rules, Registration etc.

Australian TKD website – Olympic style point sparring. Rules, Registration etc